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About Us

Caregiving Referral Services is a senior placement agency committed to meeting the needs of our clients and their family members since 2006. We are a highly professionalized healthcare network team providing quality senior living options in a compassionate, friendly, and dedicated manner. Throughout the placement process we work closely together with family members, social workers, case managers, and doctors to provide you with the best possible medical and non-medical care options.

We focus on helping you find the perfect place for your loved one to call home and for you to feel confident in knowing your loved one will be safe, well taken care of, and thriving in happy and healthy atmosphere. Caregiving Referral Services is there throughout the process by assisting you with any questions or concerns you may have to prevent hardship and confusion to alleviate some of the stress involved with making these decisions.

Our Mission

At Caregiving Referral Services our mission is to always promote proper long term care placement while NOT JEOPARDIZING top quality care by first giving you the best personalized service through our FREE one-on-one consultations. Our desire is to make sure after your consultation you are left with peace of mind, security, and trust within us knowing that at the end of this process everything will be okay. We are fully committed to you and your loved ones.

~ Testimonials ~

"I love how accessible they were in a time of crisis. We appreciate the whole team's dedication and attention to our situation. We appreciate their help in navigating this difficult situation."


February 2023

"Caregiving Referral Services would find Board & Care places for me close to my home, but those were very expensive; so they quickly found places in Riverside that would fit our budget. Very happy with this service."


November 2022

"I explained my wife's circumstances to them and they set up several appointments for me to visit Board & Care Homes. The team at Caregiving Referral Services was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They also gave me a contact for assisting me/us with Medi-Cal assistance. Keep doing what you do! Caregiving Referral Services were outstanding."


December 2022

"Our situation was time sensitive. I needed to find a Board & Care home before dad was discharged from the hospital. Caregiving Referral Services was quick to find one."


November 2022

"I liked the way they explained the details. All I can tell you is, my wife wounded up in a very nice home. EXELENT SERVICE!"


June 2021

"They acted quickly to arrange all appointments and followed up immediately when I called with questions. Thank you for assisting in locating a place for my dad quickly when we were in dire need for a quick solution due to his sudden decline in health. He has been well cared for and that means everything!"


April 2021

"Very friendly and knowledgeable. Caregiving Referral Services was great, very happy with the company's work."


December 2021

"The Caregiving Referral Services team worked hard to quickly find a facility for my dad in a very short period and did not compromise his care or our financial needs. I really appreciate how they went above and beyond to place my dad and help us with the transition. I AM SO HAPPY!"


October 2021

"They seemed like they really cared about placing my husband in an appropriate place."


May 2021

"The agency was and is always quick in answering and getting back to my calls. They were awesome!"


May 2021

"They always got back to me quickly."


March 2021

"The team really put my mind at ease when choosing a facility. They also made follow up calls. That was very nice."


February 2021

"The Caregiving Referral Services team worked hard to quickly find a facility for my dad in a very short period and did not compromise his care or our financial needs. I really appreciate how they went above and beyond to place my dad and help us with the transition. I AM SO HAPPY!"


October 2020

"Caregiving Referral Services inspired confidence in the agency’s ability to find placement, the company was very knowledgeable and did everything well. I was referred to three other placement services and Caregiving Referral Services by far was the most knowledgeable plus professional. The other agencies acted pushy, did not know what they were talking about, and one of them tried to place her 2+ hours away from family!"


September 2020

"I appreciate how they checked back with me to make sure everything was going well. Thank you for working so quickly and tirelessly to get Scott a placement."


September 2020

"I liked they’re ability to find a facility in a timely manner. Due to the pandemic visitations were not allowed, but I did go online to check out the locations and information that was provided to me, and from what I saw and read I was satisfied."


May 2020

"They were professional yet very personable. Their services helped me place my mom in a home where I felt she was safe. I don’t think I could have done it without them."


February 2020

"I loved how they made me feel so comfortable with using their company it was if we were old friends, so I trusted them completely."


February 2020

"I liked how they were so friendly and likeable. They were very helpful and assistant to questions we had."


November 2020

"The team was very caring, demonstrated love and passion about their services. Words cannot express the joy I have in my heart knowing my husband will receive the best care at the facility of choice. THANK YOU!"


February 2020

"Attentive and took charge helping to make sure that everything was taken care of. I felt like Caregiving Referral Services was an advocate for us."


April 2018

"They were so helpful beyond their duties. We really appreciate their help."


January 2018

"I felt Caregiving Referral Services really cared about how I was feeling."


October 2017

"They were very caring and understanding about the stress we were facing."


August 2017

"CRS was an amazing help and blessing to our family. From the beginning it felt like if they were family helping another family member. THANK YOU!!."


June 2017

"Gave us trust and comfort that we can get the help when we need it. They did great and has been a lot of help."


November 2016

"Caregiving Referral Services was very confident about what they were telling me which made me feel that this horrible situation was going to work out. I don't know of anything that they could have done better, they did an awesome job from the start to the finish!"


September 2016

"Caregiving Referral Services kept it professional at all times. I was treated very special and felt that all efforts were done to accommodate me. I really appreciated how I was helped and treated."


September 2016

"Caregiving Referral Services always answered phone calls, gave me all the answers I asked for, and contacted everyone for me could not have done any better. The home we decided for my mom everything was excellent very happy!"


August 2016

"Seems to really care about their clients."


August 2016

"They were prompt, responsive and knowledgeable. I have also referred them to a friend of ours and he is very grateful. Caregiving Referral Services was a God send for him."


June 2016

"Caregiving Referral Services called me back and gave me information that I requested. Thank you for being there when I needed your help."


July 2016

"They are patient and my mom seems very happy at the facility of choice."


June 2016

"They were very responsive and concerned about what I wanted for my mother."


February 2016

"I thought they were great and did everything great."


September 2015

"Kind, friendly, caring and understanding! They were fast acting for our situation and they could not have done better!"


August 2015

"Very caring attitude. Thanks again for all you have done to make Richards transition better!"

Giles & Kathy

May 2015

"Very prompt and responsive on getting information requested and returning calls. They know their places and were able to elaborate the details."


May 2015

"The staff at CRS are all very caring thank you!"


March 2015

"I like how they were able to find a place that was best for my mother to care for her needs."


December 2014

"Caregiving Referral Services is amazing! They really care about people and have been a God sent to us who were clueless on what to do. They go the extra mile to help and we trust them. I just can’t thank these people enough I would have been lost without them."


December 2014

"I like how they went above and beyond to make sure we got the best living situation for our mother."


November 2014

"CRS was very helpful & tried to find us a fair reasonable place that was within our budget. Very pleased!"


October 2014

"They did what they said they would, and they work fast on a short amount of time. They helped me understand when doctors and other wouldn’t talk to me."


October 2014

"Caregiving Referral Services was always there when I needed them. Thank you so much for all the help from the team."


September 2014

"Their caring ways were so soothing even when I messed up. I could not think of one thing they could’ve done better!"


July 2014

Services Provided

As with any change in living situation, it is important to plan ahead and give yourself time and space to cope with change. We know making the decision to leave your home can be a difficult one, but Caregiving Referral Services is there every step of the way to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your loved one in a delicate and professional manner. By taking this time to explore your options and being honest about your needs and concerns, with our assistance you can make a choice that ensures you or your loved one's senior years are happy and fulfilling. Give us a call today and our Placement Specialists will help determine what your needs are and provide you with the best possible medical and non-medical care options.

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Independent Living

Assisted Living

Memory Care

Board & Care

Enjoy the best parts of retirement without any of the drawbacks.

A residential option for older adults who need help with some of the activities of daily living.

A form of residential long-term care that provides intensive, specialized 24-hour care for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia.

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), adult family homes, and personal care homes offer personalized 24-hour care services to small groups of adults. A home-like family setting for seniors.

More Information

What Makes Us Different?

  • All senior living communities we work with are continually reviewed for top quality care. We will NEVER refer you to a senior living community we have not pre-screened and personally visited ourselves.
  • We focus on proper placement by focusing on the individual's level of care needs, desired area of placement, personal preference, budget, and activity level.
  • If desired, one of our placement specialists can also accompany you when touring a future home for you and your loved one.
  • We have a physical office location that is open Monday - Friday if you would like to have a FREE one-on-one personalized consultation in person rather than over the phone.
  • All services provided by Caregiving Referral Services are FREE to the community. We will never charge to assist you or your loved one before, during, or after this process.